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Our courses will offer you a variety of career building skills to help boost your skill set and  drive continual improvement across your business.
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Innovative Training Approach
Leverage our innovative training approach, developed from years of hands-on experience. Our series of courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to drive continuous improvement and instill a quality mindset throughout your business. Benefit from practical insights derived from real-world scenarios.
Cost-Effective Solutions and Exceptional Support
Partner with us for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Experience exceptional customer support as we become your guide on the journey to quality excellence. At Ledge Inc, we are committed to ensuring that your investment in quality management yields long-lasting benefits for your organization.
Extensive Cross-Industry Experience
Choose Ledge Inc courses for your quality management needs, benefitting from our vast cross-industry experience. With over 100 combined years in the industry, our seasoned professionals have honed their skills to craft tailored solutions that enhance quality processes across diverse sectors.
Comprehensive Services
Discover our comprehensive services, including quality management systems certification support and implementation. Our expertise extends beyond just training; we provide the necessary support to ensure your organization meets the highest quality standards. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of certification processes.

Ledge training programs

The series is built, and continues to expand, to meet the demand for the market of affordable, effective training courses for quality and manufacturing team members. Using case studies, comparisons and experiences, our courses walk you through a wide range of quality topics to polish your skills and course selection can be customized to your needs.

Consultative Training

Consultative Training Program provides a powerful roadmap for your QMS journey.
Our team is happy to discuss your needs and create a curriculum to fit your needs. Courses from this list and one on one training can be designed to customize your experience based on industry specific needs.

Business Consulting 

The courses provide in depth training on QMS topics. If you need support or guidance on the best way to rollout the system, the Ledge team is here for you.
Our team of industry and QMS experts specializes in supporting your business develop, implement and maintain your systems. As you have questions for your individual applications, we help you create a solution and roll out plan that helps organizations in their quest to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness

Quality Systems Development

Our courses are designed to help you get a new program started and, with advanced level classes, drive your systems to the next level.
With a full range of courses, our team has created and continues to develop sessions designed to take your QMS to the next level. Our approach is simple, develop a system that you can achieve and then build on both your success and weaknesses. A QMS is not a one size fits all with each company requiring different and robust systems in key process areas.

Our courses

We offer and continue to develop a series of Training & Coaching Programs!  If there are courses you would like to see, let us know and we can work on expanding our online catalog.

Meet our team

All of our courses were developed by experienced and highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.  Check out our team here.

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